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Langham Logistics’ Expanded Warehouse Space in Indiana

Exploring the Benefits of Langham Logistics’ Expanded Warehouse Space in Indiana

In the dynamic landscape of modern commerce, efficient logistics and warehousing are pivotal for businesses to thrive. Langham Logistics is now offering expanded warehouse space in two Central Indianapolis, Indiana facilities. Here are a few reasons these opportunities might be ideal solutions for your business.

Optimized Warehousing Solutions

Langham Logistics has taken a proactive approach to improve its warehousing infrastructure. The redesign of racking layouts and integration of operational efficiencies in these Indianapolis warehouses underscore our commitment to offering enhanced services. These enhancements provide businesses with increased flexibility to meet diverse logistics needs.

Enhanced Flexibility and Utilization

Strategic improvements are evident in Langham’s existing Indianapolis facilities, totaling 540,000 square feet. This space has been transformed to cater to various requirements, from special projects and kitting operations to cross-docking setups. Langham’s expanded capacities address the growing demands of businesses effectively.

Available Space Highlights

With the expansion, Langham Logistics offers approximately 16,000 open pallet positions across the two facilities. This added capacity, opened August 1, 2023, exists to accommodate businesses seeking efficient and adaptable warehousing solutions.

Indiana’s Strategic Advantage

Beyond the enhanced warehousing space, Indiana’s credentials as a prime logistics hub cannot be overlooked. Here’s why:

  1. Central Location: Indiana’s position at the crossroads of major highways facilitates smooth transportation and distribution.
  2. Market Access: With proximity to significant markets like Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit, Indiana offers direct connections to economic centers.
  3. Infrastructure Strength: The state’s robust infrastructure, including highways, railroads, and air cargo networks, supports efficient logistics operations.
  4. Business Environment: Indiana’s business-friendly policies and skilled workforce create an environment conducive to growth.
  5. Proximity to Ports: Near major ports, Indiana provides valuable access to global trade routes, streamlining international shipping.

Langham Logistics’ expanded warehouse space in Indianapolis offers businesses an opportunity to enhance their logistics capabilities. With optimized layouts and increased flexibility, Langham is well-equipped to meet evolving needs. Complemented by Indiana’s strategic advantages, this opportunity presents a compelling proposition for businesses seeking efficient and effective warehousing solutions.

You’ve Got Questions. Langham Logistics Has Answers.

Langham Logistics is a global transportation and warehousing company based in Indianapolis. The company offers supply chain management, domestic and international freight services, airport logistics services, and warehouse and fulfillment services in the Midwest and Southwestern United States with a focus on the life sciences industry. The reputation of being calm, cool, and delivered echoes throughout all of Langham’s services, giving their clients the freedom to stay focused on their business while their goods are stored and shipped on time and in perfect condition.

Want to learn more about our increased capabilities? Contact us to connect with a member of the Langham team.

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