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Langham Logistics has worked with the federal and Indiana State government on President Obama’s weatherization project. Langham warehoused and maintained a call center for contractors to purchase and obtain furnaces and insulation. Langham arranged the transportation of these products and saw they arrived on the requested date and time. This allowed the products to arrive at the implementation site at the same time as the contractor.

During this process, Langham helped to control the cost and ensure that all furnaces were accounted for during shipping. This helped the state to avoid fraud and maintain a record of each transaction in one centralized location. Before this process was managed separately, making it hard to keep track of the entire program as a whole.

There was a lack of visibility and expertise that Langham was able to solve. Part of this solution was the web-based portals for both order requests and full visibility to every order for the state. The centralized communication training and information provided transparency and accountability of the program to all stakeholders.

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