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We don’t just deliver freight. We use Business Intelligence to give you total visibility, control, and compliance.

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Langham Logistics, a leading WBE supply chain solutions management company, partners with forward-thinking organizations with transportation, logistics, cold storage, warehousing, and other supply chain challenges. We don’t rely on off-the-shelf solutions; rather we utilize our proven processes and systems and tailor them to meet the exact needs of our clients’ company, industry, and business objectives.


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Life Sciences Services

Langham Life Sciences provides a portfolio of value-added products for supply chains serving the needs of customers in the life sciences, including pharmaceuticals and biologics.

Supply Chain Strategies with Business Intelligence

At Langham, our technology is our client’s biggest advantage to beating the competition and raising customer satisfaction. Learn how & request a demo.

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There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ here. At Langham Logistics, our solutions are customized for each of our customers based on our years of experience in various industries.

Customers that partner with Langham can expect:

  • Proprietary Technology with Full IT Integration
  • Continuous Process Optimization
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Disaster planning & risk mitigation
  • Comprehensive Onboarding
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Ready for the Revolution

The life sciences industry is shattering records, and we’re prepared to take it head on.
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Dock Sweeping

Dock Sweeping Solution Allows for an Increase in Production