In business since 1988, we have built extraordinary relationships with tens of thousands of people. We are not a company doing great things for other companies; instead we are a team of people providing a great connection between other people and products.

Langham’s people, though, do something else. Our people absorb the tension of callers who have an emergency shipment. Our team solves problems, sometimes in such heroic fashion as to schedule an emergency flight to save the life of a patient awaiting a small vial of an experimental drug. Our people awaken in the middle of the night to respond to a flight delay, so our customers can keep on sleeping.

Cathy Langham: President & CEO

Cathy Langham knew what she could accomplish early in her career. That’s why she opened two franchises for trucking and air freight three years after graduating from the IU Kelley School of Business. In just a few years, she took what she learned, sold both franchises, and co-founded Langham Logistics, Inc. with her brother and sister.

Cathy’s tenacity and resourcefulness have never wavered in the more than 25 years since. Now Langham Logistics has hundreds of employees and five locations nationwide specializing in complex supply chains for challenging industries including life sciences, automotive, retail, and more.

Under her guidance, Langham Logistics has seen many recognitions and certifications including licensure from the Indiana Board of Pharmacy, a Woman-Owned Small Business certification from the U.S. Small Business Administration, an FDA registration, and a SmartWay Partnership by the EPA.

As President and CEO of the company, Cathy believes in a three-pronged approach to leadership and growth:

Strategic Advancement
Cathy’s ability to adapt quickly due to her chosen industry’s constant lessons has created new opportunities for Langham Logistics even in the most trying times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was able to build new warehouses in Phoenix, AZ and Carson, CA, streamline vaccine distribution, and continue growing the Langham team when many businesses were furloughing and laying off employees. Cathy’s quick strategic repositioning of the business paired with her relationships with government officials, the pharmaceutical industry, and her clients made Langham Logistics stronger than ever.

Relationship Building
Maintaining close relationships with her clients is Cathy’s number one priority to ensure Langham Logistics is providing the best possible service for their needs and goals. But she also seeks to build lasting relationships within the logistics industry and other business leaders to learn and offer her own experience to others. This strong network of support has led Cathy to opportunities to meet and work with prominent leaders such as then-President George W. Bush, then-Governor Mitch Daniels, former Vice President Mike Pence, and Governor Eric Holcomb.

Civic Engagement
It is Cathy’s belief that giving back to the community is an important act of service at every level of success. Her many challenges and successes over the years have given her the knowledge and opportunity to serve as a board member to many emerging businesses, large corporations, and non-profit ventures:

  • Air Forwarders Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • Arizona Bioindustry Association
  • BioCrossroads Indiana
  • Butler University Supply Chain Services
  • Central Indiana Corporate Partnership
  • Indiana Economic Development Corporation
  • Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce
  • The Indiana Economic Club
  • Transportation Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Panel
  • Superbowl 2012
  • Young Presidents Organization

Margaret Langham: Vice President, Operations

Margaret has been the driver behind Langham’s operational structure since the company’s genesis. Staying ahead of the industry, Margaret continues to retool the company’s processes in anticipation of what our clients need and the market demands. She has specialized expertise in both security and international logistics.

Possessing a gift for understanding international business, Margaret has forged hundreds of relationships with customers, agents and partners. She completed intensive international commerce studies abroad and stay focused on the economy’s shrinking borders and boundaries.

Margaret dedicates her time to four critical areas: Langham’s quality system, security compliance, carrier negotiations and international operations.

Her industry affiliations include the following:

  • Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce
  • Indianapolis Economic Development Corporation
  • Indianapolis Motor Transportation Club, Inc.
  • Air Forwarders Association
  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Megan Fisher
Director of Accounting

Megan Fisher, Director of Accounting

Megan Fisher directs Langham’s Accounting department with 40 years of financial experience, including report compilation, analysis along with both extensive annual audits and budgeting. Fisher has a strong background in production and project management with focus of enhancing both internal and external customer and carrier relationships and maintaining a positive path forward.

John Huybers
Director of Information Technology

John Huybers, Director of Information Technology

John Huybers leads Langham’s Information Technology team and sets the technology strategy of the organization. He makes sure Langham provides its customers and employees with the most current technological capabilities to provide maximum visibility and efficiency. After graduating in Finance from Indiana University, John started his career as a lieutenant in Finance in the United States Army for 3 years. John then spent 12 ½ years at an institutional money manager in various IT roles eventually overseeing all application development of trading, portfolio management, and operational systems.

During his 15 years at Langham, John has led development and implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS) at our California Toyota location and web-based customer portal for 8000+ Toyota corporate & dealer users across the United States, Canada, & Mexico. He also led implementation of a new international transportation management system (TMS), the design and installation of a fully-redundant infrastructure for disaster recovery / business continuity purposes, the development of a business intelligence and reporting platform for our customers and employees, and many other initiatives focused on improving operational efficiency for all areas of Langham and better information for our customers.

John has spent 2 years in a full-time Six Sigma role leading a team of Black Belts and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Tracy Jaisle

Tracy Jaisle, CFO

Tracy Jaisle brings a tremendous background to Langham with over 25 years of experience in managing company finances, having serviced many distinguished companies before, including Bone Dry Roofing where she was CFO for the last eight years. She is well versed with financial management and well acquainted with risk management. Furthermore, Tracy is highly skilled in drafting financial and funding strategies along with managing systems for tracking.

Brian Landrum
Chief Operating Officer

Brian Landrum, Chief Operating Officer

Brian Landrum began his career at Weaver Popcorn Company in 2002 where he was VP of North American Sales as part of his career growth over 13 years. He has spent the last several years in Salt Lake City as Chief Revenue Officer for IntegraCore, LLC and, most recently, Executive VP of Sales for Visible Supply Chain Management, where he was responsible for more than 100 sales and customer service associates as well as 35 million fulfilled orders across seven facilities in the U.S.

In the role of Chief Operating Officer, Brian will oversee operations to ensure controls, people and processes are poised to meet the Langham Logistics goals of quality, efficiency, profitability, and customer service. This position includes management of transportation and warehouse operations as well as the on-boarding and project management/customer service experience for clients. 

Sean Merrill
Head of Quality

Sean Merrill, Head of Quality

Sean Merrill brings extensive experience working in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and pharma/device logistics industries. Merrill is skilled in risk management, U.S. FDA GMP requirements, process validation, computer systems validation, critical facilities/equipment/utilities qualification, and project management.

Lee Ann Merriman
Director of Customer Onboarding & Engagement

Lee Ann Merriman, Director of Customer Onboarding & Engagement

Lee Ann Lobue is Langham’s Director of Customer Onboarding & Engagement for external customer on-boarding as well as corporate Strategic Initiatives to ensure both are kept on time, on budget, and fulfill requirements and expectations. After graduating from Indiana University Kelley School of Business, Lee Ann spent more than 20 years in customer service in both retail and consumer manufacturing, including Sears and 3M Supply Chain. During this time period, she completed a Sarbanes-Oxley corporate initiative, advised on a corporate dashboard committee, and acted as the main liaison between sales-operations and supply chain teams through routing guide management, chargeback reduction and special project team lead for customers.

At Langham, Lee Ann has participated in building Strategic Initiative plans, worked to simplify the on-boarding process utilized for all types of customers, and continues to proactively help bridge communication between operations and sales to ensure that ultimately the customer is receiving the service and experience that is the defined differentiator for Langham.

Rick Riedinger
Director of Operations

Rick Riedinger, Director of Operations

Rick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Purchasing and Logistics Management from Arizona State University.

Prior to Joining Langham in 2001, Rick held full accountability for 9 North American asset-owned and third party distribution centers. He was responsible for the development and execution of all inbound, outbound, and third party air, sea, and ground networks.

As Langham’s Director of Operations, Rick is responsible for our 24/7 Domestic and International Transportation Services. He oversees the Langham ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System as well as Langham’s full truckload asset fleet division.

Rick measures success and places great pride in how his functional areas align and contribute to Langham’s client’s visibility, control, and compliance of their supply chain initiatives.

Dan Straus
Director of Sales & Business Development

Dan Straus, Director of Sales & Business Development

Dan Straus is an integral part of our leadership team bringing 30 years of regional sales and operations experience from the LTL (less than truckload) transportation industry. As Director of LTL Sales & Business Development. Dan cultivates trusted partnerships with new and existing clients as well as carriers.

Scott Swanson
Director of Engineering & Facilities

Scott Swanson, Director of Facilities & Engineering

Scott Swanson is the Director of Engineering and Facilities. In his role, he’s primarily focused on continuing to develop best-in-class practices within the Langham network, reviewing and implementing new tech opportunities such as robotics and executing on advanced LEAN principles to continue to reduce waste in the Langham network.

Scott describes himself as results-oriented and performance-focused, which is exemplified by his great results in past positions including a decrease in energy usage by 30% with FullBeauty Brands, where he served as Vice President of Engineering, Facilities, and Purchasing. Swanson has more than 20 years of experience in logistics and industrial engineering and holds a Bachelors of Industrial Engineering and two additional degrees: supply chain management from Penn State University and a Master of Organizational Leadership with a focus in supply chain from Ashford University’s Forbes School of Business.