Focusing on today to serve the future

Langham’s Pledge to Protecting the Planet

Delighting our customers begins with making earth-conscious choices for running our business. The Langham Logistics family of solution providers is committed to ensuring our decisions today create the absolute best opportunities for all of us tomorrow. We think globally and act locally across our network of services to continually reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy and raw materials while seeking relationships with suppliers who emphasize a reduce/reuse/recycle mentality.

Langham Logistics is proud to participate in Ecovadis, and received a Bronze rating for our 2023 sustainability efforts.

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1. Our Carbon Footprint Reduction Initiatives in Action

  • We design our warehouse environments with Warehouse lighting with energy saving fluorescent bulbs equipped with motion sensor technology so that good lighting is on when we need it and off when we don’t.
  • Comprehensive study performed to replace LED lighting with sensors.
  • We have reduced our harmful gasses emissions output by retiring our fleet of propane material handling equipment for all electric equipment with low energy consumption chargers.
  • We build facilities where existing infrastructure provides our employees ease of access to their work, accessibility to highways and travel amenities for the drivers who serve our cause.
  • Our life sciences buildings employ the use of high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans and energy optimized RTU/ERU’s for efficient recovery and reuse of conditioned air in qualified spaces.

2. Location & Site Selection Strategies

  • Warehouse site selection is an important component of Langham’s energy reduction initiatives. We strive to balance accessibility for our drivers, our customers and our employees when choosing communities in which to grow our footprint.
  • Building distribution capabilities in economic development corridors provides opportunities to leverage existing utilities infrastructures, take advantage of green energy initiatives and position customer goods in close proximity to rail, steamship and aircraft ports.

3. Reducing Our Dependence on Non-Renewable Packaging Sources

  • We partner with local providers of packaging at our warehouse locations across the US to reduce transportation and support the economies we depend on.
  • We offer full-recyclable temperature sensitive shipping solution needs so that packaging wastes are not passed onto our customers.

4. Initiatives in IT

  • Our minimum standard of 88% efficiency for all issued laptops provides significant savings on cost and power consumption.
  • By transitioning our data storage strategy from that of local servers to network-wide virtual servers has reduced energy consumption of over 1500 watts per server, equating to over 13,000 kwh per year, per server.
  • The implementation of an electronic document retention system has resulted in a reduction to paper consumption in our facilities of over 500,000 pages.
  • All of Langham -owned computers are set for Wake On LAN (WOL) so that each unit can be programmed for sleep mode, nightly. Printers, fax machines and copiers are set for low power consumption mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.