Airport Logistics Services

Your Business Is Cleared for Takeoff.

When you’re shipping to or receiving from overseas, Langham not only offers the services you need, we give you something equally important: peace of mind. We offer reporting and tracking services so you know where your shipments are at any given time.

Our Air Import and Export Services Include:

  • Door-to-Door Services for Any Size, Any Weight, IATA Certified, Hazmat and Perishables
  • Web-Based Reporting and Tracking Capabilities
  • 24/7 Real-Time Information Access
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Documentation Preparation
  • Our Global Network of 800 Agents and Carriers
  • Rail System Access

Every Airport Is Different.

If your destination is within the airport, we apply 3PL operating standards and procedures to implement a customized process to increase efficiency, reduce expenses and enhance security. We provide support to concessionaires, airport authorities, the TSA, airlines and other facility tenants to ensure your packages arrive safely.

We work closely with concessionaire vendors to establish dependable and flexible arrival schedules and generate delivery schedules to plan staffing requirements that avoid wasting resources. However, expedited delivery of emergency receipt and ready response to unexpected circumstances is always available.

Our airport logistics process exceeds your needs while minimizing costs with detailed information tracking and streamlined operations:

  • Itemized Receiving Process
  • Receipt to Purchase Order Comparison
  • Thorough Damage, Shortage and Error Inspection
  • Rapid Vendor Truck Processing
  • Transportation of Goods to Consignees
  • Transportation and Recycling
  • Transportation and Transfer of Returns