Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Our approach is different from the rest.

At Langham Logistics, we are proud to operate as a Central Monitoring Hub managing the full spectrum of services required of our customers’ pharmaceutical and life sciences products. The entire Langham team is dedicated to supporting our temperature-controlled supply chain network through integrated storage and distribution services that ensure product protection, compliance, and efficacy. Fragile and high-value shipments are delivered via dedicated vehicles to minimize damage risk and are protected by a validated and reliable in-house event escalation process for managing high-value shipments throughout the distribution cycle.

Our goal is to exemplify operational agility and quality-based decision making to execute solutions that deliver products to our customers’ patients. Our team includes subject-matter experts who anticipate industry changes and ensure compliance with regulatory agency rulemaking. Our Life Sciences Services approach ensures quality, safety and security are in integral component of Langham’s philosophy for managing our customers’ products. Our methodologies, in conjunction with our fully customized Key Performance Indicators Dashboard, provide our valued customers with assurance and visibility of their supply chain.

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