Logistics Technology

Think of it as one big GPS for your company.

At Langham, we work hard to ensure that every link of our clients’ supply chain management system is of the highest quality. That’s why we invest significantly in technology. Whether you’re high tech, low tech, or “no tech,” we promise that our technology solutions will enhance your operations and ease of use, while providing a central point of contact.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Langham Logistics has developed transportation and warehouse-focused business intelligence dashboards for our clients and associates. We also have the ability to create customized dashboards and data analysis for our client’s unique needs. This also includes integrating with existing technology.

These dashboards make it easy to get a high-level overview of your transportation and/or warehouse business – all in one place. This allows our customers to spot trends over time and be proactive in long-term and short-term business decisions.  Our customers can also slice and dice the data to view reports from different perspectives.

Our Transportation Management (TMS) and Warehouse Management (WMS) systems are built on industry-standard technologies and are tightly integrated with our extensive internal data warehouse, reporting, and interface systems.

We have designed our systems to provide efficient, hands-off information processing, fast and simple access to information, and the ability to accommodate the unique data elements our clients require. Whether it is through our web-based client portal or automatically triggered reports pushed out through email, Langham provides clients with real-time visibility to their transportation and warehouse information.

We integrate everything with our proven process and hard-working people to give our customers the best solutions and services possible.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Langham’s TMS provides clear visibility into each leg of every move, which improves data accessibility and service quality. Our TMS gives us total control of customer shipments, optimization, routing, carrier selection, and shipment status. And each change or notation in our TMS is time-, date-, and signature- stamped for exceptional quality control.

Clients are able to access shipment entries, tracking, invoicing, and reporting data in real-time via our web-based tools.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Langham uses Manhattan Associates’ SCALE Warehouse Management System. This system manages all aspects of our Distribution Centers and Fulfillment operations. The WMS enhances inventory management by decreasing inventory levels, improving order fulfillment, and reducing order cycle time through automated and efficient processes utilizing RF technology. It allows Langham to give you visibility to drill down to the lowest level of detail.

Our WMS also allows our clients web-based access to order status; real-time inventory and shipment delivery information; track packages; view inventory levels; and enter orders online.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI gives Langham the ability to exchange electronic information with our customers and partners in a worldwide, standard format. EDI messages are also interfaced directly with our TMS and WMS systems. The end result? Better communication and faster updates for our clients.

Performance Excellence Production Systems (PEPS)

PEPS gives Langham the ability to measure progress in performance for daily job functions. This system allows us to analyze performance with the most accurate data available, effectively plan workloads and daily goals, promote individual accountability, increase productivity across the board, give clear and effective communication, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.