Truckload Freight

Take a load off your mind

When you partner with Langham to manage your domestic truckload transportation, you get more than transportation and delivery—you get the confidence that your challenges will be addressed right the first time without interruption. Thanks to our significant capacity and our team’s cool-under-pressure skills, we’re able to move your freight at a reasonable cost with no headaches—day in and day out.
Our truckload freight experts negotiate the most cost-competitive pricing possible by leveraging all of our customers’ volumes (versus having to negotiate directly with an asset-based carrier) and cultivating strong carrier relationships.

Our domestic truckload freight services team ensures maximum efficiency by:

1. Providing the best, most beneficial logistics routings possible;
2. Offering high quality service support round-the-clock, with Langham staff available 24/7;
3. Negotiating with all pre-approved suppliers on an ongoing basis to optimize current market conditions;
4. Continually reviewing asset-based carriers as well as securing contingency partners;
5. Assuring you that deliveries are made within requested client requirements—always proactively communicating to clients and updating systems for Web Portal visibility; and
6. Always paying our carrier partners within 14 days.

Langham is different from other top truckload brokers because we provide:

  • Pre-approved partners
  • No double brokering
  • Continuous development of routing guides
  • Consistent service during economic downturns & upswings with pre-qualified carriers
  • A variety of communication options tailored to your business model