Retail & Consumer Products

Total Visibility, Business Management, and Just-In-Time Services.

Langham Logistics works with your company to help with new product and promotional roll-outs, JIT inbound raw material management, expedite and rescue services for inbound raw materials to meet production schedules, and more. Langham focuses on our customer’s strategic initiatives to truly become an extension of your company.

We also offer disaster contingency planning and rerouting of products in transit, so you are never without the products you need to operate your business. Through our omnichannel solutions, shipment mode optimization, and nimble pick-packing and kitting operations, Langham works to deliver your goods on time and in the most efficient manner.

At Langham, we work with companies to pinpoint specific problems in their supply chain and work together to create a solution. We then train all related personnel, implement the solution, and record the results. This allows us to reiterate the process and make adjustments to the original solution if needed. Langham has over the past several years have continuously improved the processes of our retail customers. This improves visibility, service, and high-level business management for our customers.

If you have retail and consumer product needs, contact our experts at Langham Logistics.