International Freight Services

The world is your oyster. And your sales territory.

Sometimes your supply chain reaches so far, it’s beyond your control. That’s why Langham’s team of international experts is trained to handle even the toughest and most complicated situations.

As experts in supply chain management, Langham understands the challenges associated with international logistics. And increasing and improving our international logistics is an ongoing strategic initiative at Langham. We have carefully developed key relationships in Europe and Asia and because of our long-standing position in this market are now able to leverage them to our clients’ advantage.

What our customers appreciate most isn’t just getting the shipment delivered, it’s providing around-the-clock visibility to shipment status and documentation for all stakeholders.

Plus, Langham is part of the Combined Freight Network, a comprehensive global freight forwarder consortium that provides a worldwide infrastructure for international logistics. In fact, we have been called a “retroforwarder” by some of our international freight clients, because our level of customer service is “classic.”