Is Intermodal the New Way to Transport?

Intermodal continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the transportation industry. Why? Not only does it deliver consistent service, savings, and solutions, but recent industry trends such as driver shortages have produced new interest and demand in intermodal shipping.

Let’s start by simply defining what intermodal shipping is. Intermodal shipping is a method of transport that involves moving trailers and containers on trains without handling of the freight itself when changing modes.

With shippers always looking for reliable and cost effective solutions, significant considerations should be given to using intermodal. At Langham, here are our top 4 reasons for choosing intermodal.

Lower costs
A load that travels by rail requires far less diesel than that of a truck. Companies can take advantage of lower rates, more predictable pricing, and flexibility of loading and unloading goods, which can reduce handling fees.

Environmentally Friendly
If you are looking for ways to be more sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint, intermodal is the way to go. Rail transport is more energy efficient because it emits less carbon dioxide. According to the EPA, railroads account for just 9% of total transportation-related nitrogen oxide emissions. It also alleviates highway congestion.

Increased Security & Reduced Damage
Intermodal containers can stay more secure because they spend so much time in motion. Not only that, but with high-tech lift technology and articulated railcars, damage to freight is minimized.

With the industry facing a growing shortage of truck drivers, rail still remains reliable and consistent. With state-of-the-art technology, 3PLs can monitor and track shipments every step of the way, and with real-time information, companies can track and schedule changes for their customers, keeping them up-to-date on their shipments.

Our team of experts can help. If you are looking for more information on intermodal shipping, give us a call at 855-214-2844.

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