Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Our approach is different from the rest.

At Langham Logistics, we are proud to operate as a centralized control tower to help manage the full spectrum of services required of our customer’s pharmaceutical and life sciences freight. With moving multi-stop high security, temperature controlled shipping, the full Langham team is dedicated to supporting our customers. Fragile and high-value shipments are sent on dedicated vehicles to decrease potential damage. Escalation protocol on all of our expedited shipments involving a dedicated project manager and Director of Operations ensures the safe delivery of your goods.

Langham’s approach with our partners sets us apart from other 3PL’s. We view each partnership as unique; therefore, we will invite our partners based on their capabilities and service to accommodate those needs for our customer. Because of the service requirements of our pharmaceutical shipments, we utilize over 120 different partnerships to assure we are providing the best service possible. Each of these partners has particular expertise based on a service or geography. Through executive managers that focus solely on our partner relationships, we can have regular reviews with our carriers by all of customer’s standard operating procedures and quality guidelines for transport of their products.

We are serious about providing the operational agility to execute solutions so our customers can get their product to their patients, our belief in regular reviews with our customers and partners allows us to monitor industry regulations and keeps our customers informed of current market conditions that can affect profitability and service. These reviews help us to plan strategically and remain flexible during economic fluctuations that impact both cost and capacity. We have fully vested ourselves in bringing creative solutions to the changing requirements in this highly regulated industry.

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