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Langham Honored by Global Partner Amgen for World-Class 3PL Services

Langham Honored by Global Partner Amgen as a Diverse Supplier and for World-Class 3PL Services

Amgen, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, has developed a Supplier Diversity Program as one of their efforts in pursuing ambitious Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.  Amgen recently published an article detailing the success that this program has brought for the company, as well as its impact on key partners, including Langham Logistics.

Michelle Younghouse, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Amgen says, “Through our Supplier Diversity Program, we are actively investing in the development of small and diverse suppliers, and we are seeing encouraging success.”

Amgen’s commitment to investing in diverse-owned suppliers through strategic partnerships was the foundation of their current connection with Langham Logistics, a woman-owned, WBENC. Successful operations over time expanded the scope of services with Amgen, allowing Langham to showcase their capabilities in shipping, supply chain visibility business intelligence and external warehousing. Langham’s substantial growth and success over the last 15 years has been greatly impacted by this relationship with Amgen, which continues to grow as we add value for each other’s companies.

Amgen’s Supplier Diversity program aims to provide inclusive economic opportunities and resources for supplier/partner long-term success. These aspirations paved the way to Langham’s initial involvement in Amgen’s business continuity plan, resulting in the opening of Langham’s 151,000 square-foot cold storage warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona during the pandemic. This external warehouse is now a streamlined supplier direct facility where IQI (incoming quality inspections) are performed, and serves several critical business purposes, including business continuity and overflow storage. In close cooperation with Amgen, these activities ultimately save significant time and effort for their operations.

“Amgen wanted a location within six hours of their Thousand Oaks facility and being able to deliver the space on time and on budget really proved to them how committed we were to being nimble and creative in a difficult and changing geo-political environment,” said Cathy Langham, President & CEO of Langham Logistics. “Amgen was hoping for a solution that could reduce risk and add flexibility for them. We have now expanded again by partnering with them to create a “supplier direct” program to take the initiative to the next level. Previously, Amgen would receive the product and store it while they did the testing and inspection. Now, we can receive products directly and handle the quality inspections and testing. It’s more efficient for Amgen, and it’s a big win for us.”

“Langham has demonstrated themselves to be true partners. Cathy and her team don’t just provide logistic services, they help us find solutions to ensure supply,” says Paul Gianini III, a senior strategic sourcing manager at Amgen.

Langham Logistics values strategic partnerships with companies that hold similar values and visions for the logistics industry and beyond. Langham is proud to be a part of Amgen’s greater mission and looks forward to continuing the growth of this relationship in the future. Learn more about Langham’s services and capabilities here, or contact us at

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About Langham Logistics

Langham Logistics is a woman-owned door-to-door 3PL and freight management company based in Indianapolis. The company offers supply chain management, domestic and international freight services, airport logistics services, and warehouse and fulfillment services in the Midwest and Southeastern United States. The reputation of being calm, cool, and delivered echoes throughout all of Langham’s services, giving their clients the freedom to stay focused while their goods arrive on time and in perfect condition.


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