Using Fulfillment to Enhance the Client Experience

Customers, on the whole, are pretty easy to please. Get them their package on time, with all the contents inside, to the correct location, and they’re good. But how could that experience be better? Businesses everywhere are looking for the next best thing to cultivate a “best customer experience.”

If you think about it, fulfillment could be the most crucial step of the customer-business interaction. It can either make or break brand loyalty. It only makes sense to ensure that fulfillment goes smoothly and leaves the customer with a good feeling about their purchase and the company. Here are a few ways companies can make their fulfillment processes even more customer-friendly.

Simplify the Purchase Process

Have you ever walked away from a purchase you really wanted to make because the website was acting weird or you had to go through too many screens to finalize your purchasing? Make check out simple and secure by minimizing pop-ups and distractions. Also, be sure to provide your customer with tentative delivery dates and the return policy right away to set reasonable expectations.


It sounds basic but provide customers with tracking information for their orders. This not only counts as an additional touch-point with a customer, but it gives them a sense of security and results in less inbound calls to your support team. Automate the message and infuse it with something clever to give the message a less formal feel.

Add Attractive Packaging

An attractive package is Instagram-worthy. It gives the customer a warm feeling about their purchase and encourages brand loyalty. Attractive packaging also gets shared more often on social media, thus, giving your company additional free advertising.

Be Generous

When customers purchase from you once, how can you get them to make an additional purchase, and soon? It’s easy—during the pick and pack phase, add a value-add such as a sample, coupon, or promotion. Need some proof it works? Over 65-percent of customers use promotional codes and 91-percent say they will make additional purchases if they are given a code again. Some companies will add branded merchandise, like stickers or a reusable bag, to engender brand loyalty and also get a little organic promotion. This is a great way to highlight new products or products that don’t yet have a cult following.

Make a Return a Loyalty Builder

While it’s totally natural to want to process a return begrudgingly, take a page from a different book. Use the return as an opportunity to have one-on-one time with your customers. Find out why they are returning the item and then potentially offer them something that they may like better. Be friendly and congenial, and be sure to follow up the exchange with a message to confirm their needs have been met, apologize for any issues, and then offer a discount code for a future purchase.

When you’re building brand loyalty, every single touchpoint with a customer matters. From the moment they order to the magical moment they open their package, they are forming ideas about your company. To build your brand army, use a few of these tips to give them the best customer experience possible.

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