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Langham Logistics Invests in TZA Labor Management System as Part of 2020 Strategy to Optimize Warehouse Labor

Warehouse management is an evolving science, and Langham Logistics has been strategic in efforts to stay ahead of the curve.  With its recent hiring of Scott Swanson, Director of Facilities and Engineering, Langham has launched the project of implementing a Labor Management System (LMS) to maximize labor in its warehouses around the country, making each facility more efficient.

With dozens of options to choose from, Scott looked at several LMS software solutions like Manhattan, JDA and High Loop, but decided on ProTrack developed by TZA as the best fit for Langham.  The factors which stood out as beneficial with ProTrack were its sophistication (it has all the bells and whistles of  top-tier LMS options), cloud-based storage, and third party modules programmed specifically for third-party logistics companies.

“The utilization of LMS software is going to pave the way to a new future and culture.  It’s going to improve the way that we serve our clients and gain efficiencies for the Langham team”, said Swanson.  The investment poised to gain key outcomes, including:

  • Improvement of individual and building performances
  • Better planning and labor scheduling
  • Formulation of more effective pricing models
  • Cost-effective budgeting for each facility
  • Enhancement of company culture
  • Establishment of a foundation for a performance incentive program
  • Optimized reporting and BI tools using LMS reporting

The LMS certainly has an analytical dashboard with hundreds of available metrics to track.  Swanson has narrowed those down to capitalize on core metrics, which include performance (or direct labor related to a role’s primary responsibilities, such as picking and packing), utilization (or indirect labor, related to a role’s secondary responsibilities, such as cleaning), efficiency, standard time vs. non-standard time and staffing.

The implementation of ProTrack is a win for Langham and Langham’s customers, who will see performance and reporting improvements soon.  Langham’s team of trusted logistics experts are dedicated to delighting customers, so if you are interested to see how we can serve your business, or have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your sales rep or for assistance.

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