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Logistics Companies Re-Think Returns Policies as Receiving Docks Shut Down

Forty-five states have now issued stay-at home orders, and forty-two of those are statewide. While logistics businesses are maintaining essential status, the reality is that not all commercial and residential delivery locations are open for receiving. Along with shifts in price points, modes of transportation and shipping policies, logistics experts are also creating strategies around how increases in returns are going to affect their businesses as well as their customers’ businesses.

States with Stay at Home Orders



Retailers like Amazon and Apple are extending their return policy windows to allow customers short-term flexibility for those concerned about spread of the virus to their homes by freight and parcel carriers. Logistics companies, unfortunately, do not have the resources to extend the same flexibility. Large providers, like UPS and FedEx, will be passing along returns charges for shipments unable deliver due to service closures. Ultimately, the responsibility lies on businesses to proactively communicate with their customers to avoid these charges.

Of course, your team of Langham Logistics experts is here to help! We will keep you updated on our reverse logistics strategy, but if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out us.

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