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Langham COVID-19 Warehouse Strategy

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have done a review of our warehouse operations to ensure the health and safety of our team while managing the continuity of our operation.


Constant Cleaning

We have increased the disinfection of common surfaces throughout our warehouse, including equipment surfaces, desktops, doors, and other areas our team members come in contact with.

Eliminating Hot Spots

We have analyzed our workflow for any areas our team congregates including break areas and vending machines. These “hot spots” have been eliminated by breaking down break areas into distributed locations throughout the warehouse where small groups of employees have prepackaged food and drinks available.

Shift Structure

Our existing workflow involves a low density of employees in the warehouse, accomplishing social distancing as a routine course of business. We will continue to operate using one shift as a result while monitoring for any unnecessary concentration of employees in certain areas of the warehouse.

Remote Operations

Certain roles in our operations can be effectively performed outside the office for extended periods of time. We have adopted an alternating remote operations schedule to create additional social distancing while insuring all technology required for computer and centralized phone operations is operating properly. We will move all these functions to a fully remote operating posture if conditions warrant.

Time and Attendance Policy

We have temporarily adapted our time and attendance policy to provide flexibility for our employees who encounter changing demands at home such as school and day care closures, and sick family members. Most importantly, we have added an 80-hour buffer for PTO time in cases where an employee is believed to be exposed to the COVID-19 virus but lacks the PTO time necessary to maintain their pay while recovering. These changes will serve to encourage our team members to make the right decision to stay home from work if they begin exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.

Back Up Training – Office Staff

We have office staff with past training in warehouse operations including fork truck operations and other skill sets requiring experience and program specific knowledge. We will deploy these resources when needed and train additional office staff in needed roles where they can contribute in a safe manner.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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