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Langham Logistics Attends UPS Small Business Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.

Event addressed geo-political environment and global trade policies affecting logistics

Langham Logistics President and CEO Cathy Langham attended the UPS Small Business Advocacy Day in January. The event, held at UPS’ Public Affairs headquarters in Washington, D.C., provided networking, education, and agenda-setting discussions regarding international trade policies impacting logistics companies. As one of UPS’ key customers, Langham provided a valuable voice for the needs of logistics businesses operating among current trade uncertainties and international economic changes.

The last two years marked historic turbulence within the global shipping environment. Escalating tariffs, Britain’s ongoing exit from the European Union, the growing coronavirus epidemic, Venezuelan hyperinflation, and changes from NAFTA to the USMCA mark just some of the major geo-political issues affecting international logistics. Such dramatic changes impact product sourcing, destabilize import/export continuity, and create inaccurate demand forecasts.

A survey reported by Supply Chain Brain found that 38% of companies have suffered supply chain disruptions from the US-China trade war. Hit especially hard are homewares businesses with only 11% reporting no supply chain impacts. Small and medium-sized enterprises show the greatest struggles as a result of having less diversified supply chains than their larger peers. Many of these companies are looking to logistics providers for help and expanded support. Tapping into logistics companies’ international expertise provides valuable insight to global shippers as well as legislators in Washington, D.C., for assessing current trade policies and anticipating future needs.

By bringing business leaders together from across the country, UPS gathered direct feedback from its stakeholders while also forgi

ng new partnerships between the companies. The event discussed strategies for better navigating the fluid geo-political environment and provided education on global trends. The convening also included visits to the Malaysian and Indonesian consulates for in-depth trade policy discussions.

UPS hosted Small Business Advocacy Day as an opportunity for learning more about the trade policy needs of its small- to medium-sized importers and exporters. UPS is committed to ensuring all its business partners compete on an equal playing field within the international marketplace.

Langham Logistics is proud to have a seat at the table for such important economic discussions, especially in its shared efforts with UPS around top initiatives like healthcare and life sciences. The company’s input and business needs are informing thinking and strategy around international trade that benefits US companies and each of our customers. Participating in Small Business

Advocacy Day marks another way that Langham delivers supply chain solutions.

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