Expedited Logistics and Freight Services

Deliver it in three business days – no problem! Deliver it next day – whoa, that’s too fast! Or is it? Everyone knows delivery times have drastically changed over the last five years. Consumer shipping expectations have completely shifted, resulting in most companies scrambling to meet them in a continually changing logistics landscape. With this exponential rise of eCommerce, in tandem with the Amazon Effect, there has never been a time where expedited logistics and freight services (ELFS) have been more crucial. Let’s explore what ELFS are, how they bring value, and which industries demonstrate the greatest need.

What are Expedited Logistics and Freight Services?

Expedited logistics and freight services are additional shipping options which give companies a faster delivery time. In short, ELFS get packages where they need to be by the date promised. ELFS “cut the fat” when it comes to shipping, loading, and delivering packages.

ELFS are especially important as the logistics industry at large faces a series of disruptive factors. Those factors include increased shipping regulations, the truck driver shortage, and of course, the continuous growth of the eCommerce space that continues to reshape consumer expectations. For these reasons, ELFS are especially beneficial to third-party logistics partners (3PL) and supply management companies that assist businesses in carrying out fulfilment.

Who Needs ELFS Most?

While every industry can find a use for ELFS, there are four industries which have a particular need. Their products have special needs that make this type of shipping offering extremely valuable for 3PLs and supply management companies. The first is the medical industry. Medical supplies are often temperature-sensitive, and devices need to arrive at their destinations as quickly as possible. In this case, ELFS can literally save lives. Adjacent to the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry also depends on ELFS to keep patients healthy. Pharmaceutical shipping also has specific regulations, shipping time, and temperature requirements which benefit from not only the speed of transportation but also the level of expertise these partners have. The third space that needs ELFS is the manufacturing industry. These services ensure that all the parts for any given project come in on time, reducing the chance of project delays. The eCommerce industry rounds out the list simply because shipping speed is a significant factor for consumer behavior.

How ELFS Help Logistics Companies

So let’s talk about the benefits a logistics, 3PL, or supply management company can enjoy when offering ELFS.  The most obvious benefit is quicker shipping. The service lessens the amount of processing time such as goods pick-up and loading, which can add hours and sometimes days to standard shipping times. Quicker shipping allows businesses to stay competitive in the market and preserves client loyalty and happiness, resulting in repeat purchases. Next, it gives a logistics provider peace of mind that goods will arrive as needed, which is especially crucial concerning things like product launches, medicines, and manufacturing parts. ELFS are also vital when it comes to the demands of the holiday rush as packages are “on the clock” from the moment a customer clicks “place order.” Finally, a logistics company that can offer ELFS allows clients to weigh their options when shipping. They can opt for faster service or stay with standard depending on the nature of the goods and the situation. Honestly, what client doesn’t like options?

Clients should have options that include day-to-day fulfilment needs and those emergency or unexpected shipments that pop up and need a fast solution. Experienced 3PLs, like Langham Logistics, have the experience and the relationships to expedite urgent needs quickly. Contact us today if you’re looking for a partner who can get your product from Point A to Point B in no time flat, giving you peace of mind, and the same excellent service you’d expect in every shipment.

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