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ColdPharma the Smart Way: Three Things Every Company Should Do

The safe transport of temperature-sensitive products is a billion dollar industry. ColdPharma logistics, the transporting of temperature-controlled medicines within a supply chain, has become vitally important to the healthcare industry. With the emergence of manufactured drugs that have a shorter shelf life and greater financial worth, companies must be conscious of the challenges to control, monitor, and protect the integrity of their products all along the cold chain distribution process.

For industry shippers with temperature-controlled products that are managed multiple times from provider to end user, quality assurance demands an assemblage of temperature controls, monitoring tools, and interconnected actions. There are many challenges to the successful execution of cold chain management. Here are three things every company should do to meet those challenges and to consistently protect their products within the ColdPharma chain.

Proper Package Labeling

Laser-like attention to the clarity and language of your product labels are integral to successfully communicating vital information between companies and consumers. An unavoidable step in cold chain logistics is ensuring that your product’s printed label adheres to regulatory standards, and precisely represents the contents of the package. Concise labeling will help the consumer to fully understand the products they are handling and any safety measures that are needed.

Labeling is especially important if the packaging is damaged during transit; the contents may be hazardous, infectious, or biological products. Properly labeling your package helps to ensure the safe transport of your product throughout the chain of custody process. Making sure each of your products are properly labeled, helps to lower the risk factor, ensuring the safety of your consumer and increasing customer satisfaction.

Countering the Impact of Counterfeit Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies are at risk and suffer great losses due to counterfeit  drugs. According to World Health Organization estimates, 10% of drugs that reach consumers are fake. Protecting your business from the plague of counterfeit drugs demands careful attention to each step in the cold supply chain. Having a point-by-point tracking system, that meticulously monitors each product from manufacture to its final retail destination and provides full transparency and traceability to ensure the authenticity of the drug throughout the cold chain process is imperative.

CRT and ColdPharma

CRT (Controlled Room Temperature) is another important component of the cold chain management process. Products requiring cold storage are being shipped further distances, and at colder temperatures. This demand for cold storage and cold shipments presents challenges. The temperature for most medications ranges between 2° and 8° Celsius during storage, while in transport the medium temperature is 15° and 25° Celsius. Properly managed CRT is an elemental part of your cold supply chain. The importance of continuously monitoring and protecting your temperature-sensitive product from point of manufacture to point of sale cannot be overstated. There is no room for error in tracking or tracing. Your product must be stored and shipped at the prescribed temperature range every step of the way.

Langham Logistics can help you. Allow us to partner with you to provide cost-effective and comprehensive supply chain solutions. We can surveil the temperature and condition of your products in real-time, with state-of-the-art monitoring systems offering end-to-end protection and support. Contact Langham Logistics for tips on creating a more efficient ColdPharma chain.

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