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Three Logistics E-Commerce Trends to Watch in 2018

As e-commerce continues its meteoric rise, more and more companies need to significantly increase their logistics performance. How can that impact your business? For businesses that want to grow their position in the supply chain, understanding key trends in logistics is critical to success. Here are a few to watch for in 2018.

Digitalization and Automation

While people talk about automation and digitalization as though they are magic pills, it’s’ not as simple as buying the latest PC for employees, adding a tracking feature, installing corporate software or extending corporate website functionality. Companies need to follow trends in electronic logistics and implement emerging technologies before their competitors do.

Companies should use Big Data to make their services faster and more convenient.

Some of today’s latest trends include:

  • Incorporate more convenient digital payment methods
  • Use software to predict market behavior
  • Mobile integration
  • Delivery process point automation

Managers also need to be sure their teams are well-educated in all the technologies being implemented in the company for maximum efficiency.

Unusual Delivery Methods

Everything from drones to self-driving transports are being considered for delivery. While this may not yet be practical for smaller companies; larger companies like Amazon are pursuing more futuristic delivery models. Keep an eye on these new methods as they will become the norm faster than anticipated.

Customer Personalization

What client doesn’t like to get exclusive offers that seem to be designed especially for them? That is just the first step in the personal approach now being used to attract and keep more clients.

In order to improve communication with clients, companies should consider the following to enhance the client experience:

  • Personalize their newsfeed and offers.
  • Employ 24-hour support in order to help customers solve their problems quickly and get the necessary information they need.
  • Use chatbots to solve problems before people from the support team can do it.
  • Use same-day and next-day delivery
  • Enact a rewards program to engender customer loyalty

By staying ahead of the trends, companies not only keep their competitive edge but develop stronger customer relationships which encourage brand loyalty.

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