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The Logistics of Black Friday/Cyber Monday

As a retail company, distribution of goods, and keeping up with orders, especially on holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, should be your only goal. On the heaviest shipping days of the year, your logistic partners must help you establish and maintain a competitive edge. Delivering not only the goods, and products, but delivering profits for your company.

To do this, and do it seamlessly in response to your customer’s demands is becoming tougher with the continued rise of e-commerce. Consumer expectations of when and how they deliver goods are forcing constant change throughout your supply chain.

Warehouse managers especially feel this pressure and continues to increase every year. To meet these expectations of your customers, while delivering profits for your company, you will need to look at these critical factors.


Does your warehouse operation have the capacity to adapt and be flexible with the dramatic rise in the volume of products you will be receiving and sending out? Being able to flex during holiday and peak shipping times can be extremely disruptive. It’s critical that your warehouse workflows transportation management system are accessible to your teams during these times. 


Can your warehouse and logistics operations scale quickly to handle the holiday surges? In today’s omnichannel world, you need to plan, react and scale quickly to the level of demand. Agile warehousing and logistic solutions can help you achieve this. To truly win against the competition you need to not only scale up during the increased business demand but also quickly returning the operation to normal afterward; sometimes your logistic partners can help.


Are you employee’s able to check on the status of shipments during off hours? Both teams and managers benefit from being able to see the what, where, and why of the delivery process. This allows real-time customer feedback and access to information that helps them be proactive and agile if problems arise.

Tech’s role in being Flexible, Scalable and Mobile

When trying to provide solutions that are flexible, Scalable and mobile-enabled, the ability to use an integrated system is vital. The link between your Transportation Management System and your Warehouse Management System allows for this level of efficiency.  

When Langham Logistics links our TMS and WMS with you, your company will have an end to end visibility of your supply chain. This helps give you the needed vital information to step up to the demand that occurs during holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Through utilization of the latest technologies, you are also empowering your warehouse associates to adapt to the demand and changes coming their way. Using or partnering with someone who uses a strong Transport Management System, along with a powerful Warehouse Management System allows you to deal with the craziness of logistics through the holidays efficiently. In the competitive logistics market, it’s important to instill a culture of high-performance and success in your operations.

If you need help with your logistics planning now that the holiday season is in full swing, please give our team a call. We’d love to help.

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