With customers demanding information instantly or with the click of a button, the need for speed and visibility has become the price of entry for companies in the business of shipping products. Having the right technology that can automate every link in the supply chain is not only necessary but crucial. With the right 3PL (3rd party logistics) partner, your business can be ready for the next generation of fulfillment and distribution.

The market can quickly change without warning. This means your business will need to be agile enough to scale quickly and pivot when necessary. A Transportation Management System (TMS) allows 3PL’s to move freight with efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness.  You can invest in this robust technology, or expect your 3PL to have it.

At Langham Logistics, our TMS provides clear visibility into each leg of every move, which improves data accessibility and service quality. Our system gives us total control of customer shipments, optimization, routing, carrier selection, and shipment status. And each change or notation in our TMS is time, date, and signature stamped for exceptional quality control.

If you’re looking for more benefits about our TMS, here are a few additional ones:

Increased Customer Service

If you have ever had to deal with unhappy customers because they didn’t receive their products on time, then you will understand the importance of a partner with a robust TMS.  With the right logistics technology, we can improve customer service by monitoring the on-time performance of your carriers. By using historical shipment data, a TMS enabled partner can optimize freight movements and show which carriers deliver product on time most frequently. This means that you’ll spend less time tracking down shipments for unhappy customers and more time focusing on other aspects of your business.

Warehouse Efficiency and Productivity

Integrating our TMS with our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) adds another level of efficiency you might be missing. When we link our TMS and WMS for you, your company will have end to end visibility of your supply chain. A WMS enhances inventory management by showing inventory levels, improving order fulfillment, and reducing order cycle time through automated and efficient processes utilizing RF technology. This will give you the capability to drill down to the lowest level of detail.

Reduced Costs

When you have the ability to access a TMS portal with reporting and analytics, it is easy to see how partner choices impact the bottom line. By being able to monitor carrier performance by seeing the data on the frequency of on-time deliveries, transit times, insurance costs, and total shipping costs, you can start to make more informed decisions without wasting valuable time and money.

If you’re ready to see what Langham Logistics can do for you, and see how our logistics technology can help you reduce costs, talk to one of our supply chain experts today.


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