Langham Logistics Expands Warehouse Operations

INDIANAPOLIS– Langham Logistics, an Indianapolis-based 3PL and freight management company, is expanding their warehousing operations by adding another building to their growing business.

The 240,000 square foot warehouse located at 650 S. Perry Road in Plainfield resides in a prime industrial area that is in close proximity to prospective and current customers.

Along with equipping the warehouse with pallet racking to handle over 10,000 pallets and installing a state-of-the-art security camera system, approximately 100,000 square feet will be temperature controlled.

“We have already received strong interest from our customers to use this facility,” said Cathy Langham, president and CEO of Langham Logistics. “The addition of this warehouse is signaling new growth for not just Langham, but also for our customers.”

The prime location and 36-foot ceilings will make it attractive to many industrial, pharmaceutical and retail companies that need straight line flow processes and efficient cross-dock operations with bulk, carton or piece storage.


Langham Logistics is a door-to-door transportation and warehouse service company based in Indianapolis and established in 1988. Their reputation of being calm, cool, and delivered echoes throughout all of Langham’s services, giving their clients the freedom to stay focused as they make sure the goods arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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