5 Ways to Build Great Carrier Partnerships

A great carrier partnership should begin with a comprehensive service agreement that is a win for all partners involved. Choosing a third-party logistics provider with a commitment to good relationship building with their carrier partners is key to excellent service.

Great relationships with your carrier brings many advantages to your business:

Expand Your Network

Effective carrier partnerships should expand your capabilities to reach your global customers more efficiently. Some partnerships only focus on the needs and routes that their clients are looking for today, but building a long-term, strategic relationship with your carriers will open up comprehensive planning and optimize your logistics network.

Improve Cash Flow

Working with carriers in a transactional manner as well as a long-term collaboration with contract rates is essential in meeting our customers’ need. One way we continually keep our relationships with our carriers is by paying quickly. Paying within contract terms, usually within 7 days of receiving invoice documentation, makes carriers more flexible with their drivers and other costs that improve each business’ cash flow.

Increase Efficiencies

A great carrier partner has processes to streamline shipments to ensure success. We work with carriers to help them utilize their equipment and drivers more effectively and also allow them to use our technology as a bridge to streamline track & trace and electronic data interchange.

At Langham, we believe in continuous improvement in our partners and ourselves. One of the most significant goals in 2015 is to further our culture of quality through LEAN and Six Sigma processes.

Increase Profits

Cultivating a great carrier partnership means taking care of the bottom line, too. Paying a fair price for good service creates respect in the relationship. We work in collaboration with our carriers to create better customer profiles and increase efficiency so profits continue to grow.

Create Opportunities

We work to create a win-win-win relationship with our clients and our carriers so that all parties are enthusiastically involved. We find this helps foster long-term relationship growth with carriers and customers.

We believe in developing long-lasting relationships by offering shipments that effectively utilize carriers’ equipment, drivers, routes and networks to meet our and their goals.

For more information about starting a carrier partnership with Langham, please contact info@elangham.com.

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