Top 3 Supply Chain Trends for 2015

As the new year rings in around the world, Langham Logistics continues to look for opportunities for increased client satisfaction and streamlined supply chains. We expect the following trends to continue to shape the logistics landscape in 2015.


There is a growing demand for mobile-accessible supply chain information for both B2B and B2C businesses. This opportunity provides end-to-end delivery information to management in real time to inform better decisions, improve customer service and drive down logistics costs.

Also, the data taken from mobile devices and connected businesses provides predictive analytics for 3pl providers. For example, equipment and vehicle breakdowns can be anticipated, or a series of events that needs further investigation can be flagged. This allows organizations to transform spontaneous, expensive maintenance into planned downtime and improve efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.


Utilize collaboration tools to share documents and plan more accurately while simplifying standard procedures. This increases supply chain efficiency, drives down costs and increases compliance. For example, using customs-approved electronic documentation, labeling and electronic submission at all stages of the supply chain expedites the process of moving goods through customs.


The increased trends of mobility and collaboration are driven by the transportation needs of the modern workplace with multiple partners and business entities and operating world wide.

Increasing the efficiency and visibility of supply chains can significantly reduce transport-related costs for the supplier. This can include additional spending related to last-minute transport mode decisions, fees for cargo detained at port, non-compliance with customs regulations and beyond.

Effective transportation systems provide key insight into costs so enterprises can be confident in their accuracy.

Although many exciting innovations to the logistics industry such as drone deliveries are likely to be seen in 2015, the continued investment in good customer service through collaboration, transportation and connectivity are still the most effective ways to increase supply chain efficiency in the coming year. With enhanced communication and visibility comes greater opportunity for streamlined supply chain processes.

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