June 23, 2014 – Introducing the Swiss Consolidation Service

You Have Exports. We Have Experts .

It’s the most controlled, managed, cost-effective way to export to Switzerland. Ship your exports into Basel Switzerland and reach the rest of the country within 24 hours!

Introducing the Swiss Consol

Save money. Save time. And save yourself all the typical export hassle.

  • Weekly departures allow for consistent planning and quicker service to Switzerland.
  • Consolidation creates savings compared to leaving empty space on Full Container Loads or other Less Than Container Load alternatives.
  • Langham Logistics’ customer service tools give you confidence to manage your supply chain, anywhere in the world.
  • Simple, easy-to-manage schedule with Langham Logistics’ Monthly Planner.


Reach all of Switzerland within 24 hours of arrival! Simple. Secure. And insanely fast. For more information, contact our international team at 855-214-2844 or international@elangham.com

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