Indiana Railroad Improves Transit Times for Imports

With the Indiana Railroad Company and the Canadian National Railway (CN) agreeing to a long term partnership, Indiana companies now have access to a robust network of rail lines with the potential to shave 10 days transit times off imports from Asia-Pacific manufacturers.

The recently formed partnership combines nearly 20,000 miles of railways in Canada with over 500 miles of railways operated by the Indiana Railroad. There are many advantages for Indiana businesses, but among the most compelling is the chance to save on total transit times. Here’s how the partnership will reduce these times for your imports:

1.) The ocean shipping lanes into Vancouver and Prince Rupert have significantly shorter sailing times than the shipping lanes into the US Ports.

2.) The Canadian ports are much less congested than the west coast ports in the United States. Less congestion at the port allows imports to clear customs and get on the rail very quickly.

3.) The rail route from the west coast of Canada avoids the major mountain ranges in the US, saving up to a day in total transit time.

4.) Using the CN and the Indiana Railroads, imports travel through Joliet, IL rather than the overly congested Chicago, IL rail yard.

5.) Shorter drayage travel distance and access to more drayage providers in Indiana.

If you are an importer of goods from the Asia-Pacific region and would like to explore this opportunity, Langham Logistics can help. If you are an exporter to Asia-Pacific, this new partnership can benefit you too.

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