Expedited Shipping: When Time is Not Your Friend

Expedited Shipping: When Time is Not Your Friend

Many third party logistic companies, including us, offer a shipping service known as “expedited shipping”. What does that mean, and more importantly, how can it help your business? In it’s simplest terms, it basically means to speed up progress. That sounds easy, right? However, the truth behind expedited shipping is that it’s actually a very complex system built around many aspects that have to be operating at full potential.

Understanding Expedited Shipping and What Makes it Work
Expedited shipping requires extreme precision, but also exceptional communication. Regular standard shipping is taking all the standardized steps in order for the end person to receive their package at a low rate. This can typically range anywhere between 5 and 21 business days. On the other hand, with expedited shipping, everything is sped up and bypasses the standard steps and procedures. Trucks are on standby; airport freight is NFO (next flight out), and everything is visible and kept at maximum performance in order to meet strict deadlines. Innovations in data interchange, warehousing management, supply chain visibility, and airport logistics have allowed for late shipments and missed deadlines to be something of the past.

Getting Your Product Out In Time Means Everything
The benefits of expedited shipping, especially through a great 3PL service provider, are priceless. Why? Because we have all had the 2 A.M. feeling of anxiety and worry that something won’t be shipped out in time. Having the option and choosing expedited shipping ensures that this streamlined process gets your items to their destination as planned. Whether it is life saving medicine or components for the huge project starting tomorrow, Langham provides that confidence, piece of mind and even Zzz’s at night.

To Langham a happy customer equals a repeat customer. If you want to avoid anxiety over not getting your products there on time, be sure to visit our website and learn about our expedited services and how we can help.

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