How Visibility Has Changed the Supply Chain Game

Visibility in a supply chain is simply a streamlined series of links, internal and external communication, and data exchange that allow multiple parties including suppliers, clients, customers, 3PL providers, etc. the ability to track, manage and control their shipping and deliveries. As always in the logistics world, these processes are extremely complex and require a proactive approach on all fronts to execute successfully. However once implemented, having increased visibility makes your company’s processes transparent; thus more efficient.

Today’s technology and society have created a world filled with instant gratification. From our phones to our food, almost all aspects of our life can be solved in a matter of seconds. This trend also sets a new expectation in shipping, especially to those who are well versed in e-commerce.
If our society were aiming towards immediate satisfaction and streamlined technology, then would it be safe to say that supply chain visibility is crucial for success?
Let’s look at some of the potential benefits:
  • Ability to measure, track, and improve performance with tangible data
  • Reduce lead times
  • Improve accuracy on predicted arrival times
  • Improved client to service provider relationships
  • Better and more trusting customer service and satisfaction
  • Lowering of in-process mistakes and the ability to fix them in real-time
  • Decreasing inventory costs and avoiding bottlenecks
  • More accurate budgets and estimates at fixed and variable costs
  • Ability to update customers on shipments with precision
  • Ease of mind; sleep at night with confidence
Choosing a 3PL provider that can help establish a way to make your supply chain more efficient is an important tool and benefit for any fledgling or existing business. Technology will continue to push the speed in which life moves and further develop ways to make all processes easier and more precise. Those not adapting to or utilizing the latest advances in technology will be left behind. In a world of instant gratification where customers expect to receive their packages on time and damage free, how can you afford not to have your supply chain efficient?

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